While it is our hope that all differences between the parties to a construction contract can be resolved through effective financial oversight and communication, negotiation and settlement of disputes, we understand that disputes frequently do arise that result in arbitration, mediation and/or litigation. In these instances, we provide litigation support services focused on obtaining a successful outcome to the litigation or alternative processes being pursued. Our litigation services provide clients with clear and concise assessment of issues and of damages. Whether the matter requires in-depth forensic investigations, an assessment of fraudulent activities or the quantification of damages incurred by another party’s breach of the underlying construction contract, EAS provided skilled assessments of the issues and impact of breaches and other failures to perform in accordance with contracts entered. EAS provide highly qualified expert assessments, opinions and related testimony to support litigation mediation, arbitration and litigation actions. EAS’s experts have been retained for some of the largest construction litigation matters in the industry, including projects located throughout the United States as well as abroad.

EAS’ litigation services rendered related to construction disputes include:

      Financial analysis of contractor’s financial capacity and solvency
      Breach of contract actions
      Contract cost and schedule delay claims
      Extended and additional overhead claims
      Change order cost disputes
      Overhead financial analysis of contractor’s financial capacity and solvency
      Breach of contract actions
      Construction defects claims
      Contract cost and schedule delay claims
      Forensic accounting exercises
      Fraud assessment and documentation
      Damage calculations and rebuttal
      Expert witness opinions and testimony

Whatever the matter of the dispute EAS provides a sound, objective and independent assessment of the merits and financial impact of the breaching party’s actions, EAS then provides experienced, seasoned professional testimony presenting and explaining its conclusions and opinions.