We provide dispute avoidance and dispute resolution services focused on circumventing and avoiding contractual disputes to keep our clients out of costly Litigation. 


We provide construction cost monitoring and review services to ensure owners pay only what is due under construction contracts. We also provide advise establishing project and program cost controls.  

Damages/ Litigation Services

Construction Cost Review

Dispute Analysis

Contract Compliance

  • Contract Compliance 

  • Construction Cost Review

  • Project and Program Controls

  • Forensic and Fraud Analysis

  • Dispute Avoidance/Resolution

  • Damage Calculations

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Expert Testimony​

Donald K. Thorp, President, Provina USA

We provide monitoring and review services for large complex agreements to verify contractor and vendor compliance with contract terms and conditions, as well as, identify any noncompliance. 

Should you find yourself involved in, or near, litigation we provide forensic accounting, financial analysis, damage analysis and expert testimony services focused on the successful outcome on Litigation matters. 

“Equitable Advisory Services regularly assists us in identifying amounts billed in excess of contract terms. Their work, not only results in recoveries far in excess of their fees, it keeps us out of costly litigation. In the event that litigation is unavoidable, we know we have the best seasoned experts representing us on highly complex issues."   

Equitable Advisory Services, LLC


​Over 30 Years of Experience  ​

​​​Our professional staff has successfully monitored an​d resolved projects, disputes and litigation matters ranging from under $1 Million dollars to in excess of $4 billion in construction, transportation and other costs and disputes in a wide range of commercial industries.